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What Is Slo-Mo Booth?

A Larger-Than-Life Cinematic Entertainment Experience.

After months of researching, planning, and painstaking pre-prod, Slow-Mo Booth has finally landed – and we’re ready to make your next event one for the books.

Events fly by in the blink of an eye. One moment, you’re ankle-deep in planning – and the next, the big day is over. If only there was a way to slow things down and make every second of your function last longer. Sound impossible? Not with Slo-Mo Booth, your portal into an alternate universe of breath-taking slow-motion – because you and your guests deserve more than boring traditional photo booths. You deserve a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Where Did It All Begin?

We started Slo-Mo Booth to take top events in Southern California to the next level, telling short stories of 15-60 seconds Learn More…

What Sets Slo-Mo Booth Apart?

Slo-Mo Booth is an unmatched SUPER slow-motion film booth. With our state-of-the-art production setups, lighting gear Learn More…

Why Choose Slo-Mo Booth?

When you book Slo-Mo Booth for your next event in Southern California and across the nation, we’ll bring all the technology Learn More…

There’s No Business Like Slow-Mo Business

Flexible Packages & Pricing

There’s a reason why our slow-motion photobooth services in Southern California have been described as a “photo booths on steroids”. No matter the size of your event – from humble rooftop functions to gargantuan mansion afterparties – don’t make another move without Slo-Mo Booth on your guest list. Invite us to your event, and we’ll be there with everything you need and nothing you don’t.





Can’t find exactly what you need? Prefer a custom quote? Reach out to the Slo-Mo Booth team at Booking@Slo today. We’re armed and ready to slow down your event and capture every hilarious and breathtaking moment of the action in full cinematic glory.

From weddings
to concerts

From weddings to concerts, sporting events, bar/bah mitzvahs, graduation celebrations, grand openings, red carpet events, small to large social gatherings…we could go on all day…we’ll be there. Our mission – which we chose to accept – is to get you and your guests’ hearts pumping with mind-blowing entertainment that’s beyond anything anyone will expect or see coming. Here’s a teaser of what’s to come when you book us:

Up to 3 Hours of


While we’ve done our best to answer as many of our clients’ most commonly asked questions as possible, we understand that you may have other queries we haven’t covered. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to start a dialogue with our energetic team! Click here to contact us with your question, and we’ll get it answered as soon as we can

Two friendly faces will arrive on the big day – one camera operator and their sidekick – to make sure everything runs smoothly and that no one drops the ball (or frame, so to speak). Your booth  operators will keep everything running smoothly behind the curtain, so you and your guests can focus on making memories on stage. You’ll also get a wide range of props to play and experiment with, along with the ability to instantly share your favorite videos on social media and via email. Simply choose your package, select from our wardrobe of costumes (available on request), and we’ll arrive on the day ready to create epic movie clips or Hollywood-esque movie trailers that will blow every guest away (Hollywood-esque movie trailers only available with Ruby and Diamond packages).

Gather 1-10 guests and get excited. All you have to do is stand in front of our super slow-motion camera, and do your thing. Make it rain confetti, jump around, pull out your best dance moves, experiment with props…every moment will be captured in hypnotic ultra-high-definition for you to play back immediately on our silver screen once you’re done. Our camera records at incredibly high frame rates to turn you and your guests into the protagonists of your movie.

Make your event a hit with confetti, boxing gloves, masks, party hats…the whole shebang and then some! Warning: We can’t guarantee that your guests won’t laugh until their tummies hurt. Need very specific props to match your event’s theme? We’ve got plenty more unique props available as add-ons upon request.

Immediately! We’ll arrive with a 4K/UHD TV setup adjacent to the booth so your guests can witness the memories they made – in ultra slow motion – without having to wait. If included in your package, you’ll also receive a professionally edited video montage showcasing and celebrating our top picks from the raw footage captured, giving you a priceless memory to share for years to come.

Ideally, we need a space of at least 12’ x 12’ to setup the booth without being cramped. Please allow about 90 minutes for us to get up, running, and ready for action. Patience is crucial here, especially if you’ve ordered the RUBY or DIAMOND packages which require longer setup time to guarantee results of epic proportions! Quality can’t be rushed. We also ask our clients to provide one to two 6’ tables for us to setup the playback TV and lay out all props backstage. And finally, before we begin, we’ll need your signed agreement and 50% deposit to reserve your date. You can pay the remaining balance at least 21 days prior to the big event.

From humble private parties to 3000-guest weddings, wrap parties, corporate functions, graduation events – and just about anything else you can think of – we do it all in LA, San Diego, and Orange County. However, our passionate for epic slow-mo regularly takes us to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Canada, Mexico and even Hawaii and New York. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the enchantment only a super slo-mo video booth like ours can provide, and that’s why we travel to serve as many events as we can – big and small.

If you cancel an event within 72 hours, we won’t be able to provide a full refund. This is because such short notice makes it virtually impossible to fill your slot with another event, causing us to make a loss. So, if you need to cancel, be sure to do so with at least 72 hours’ notice.

The Dialogue Starts Here

If you want to paint an unforgettable narrative at your next event in Southern California, the East Coast, or even abroad, you need to think beyond the standard booth. To learn more about Slo-Mo Booth and how we can (and will) make yours the event of the decade, start a conversation with us today. Whether you want to learn more about our equipment, our fun team, and booth attendants, or get a quote without delay, we’re here for you. So contact our dedicat slow-mo crew today. We can’t wait to slow things down on your big day.

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We could talk all day about why you should bring Slo-Mo Booth to your next event, but we’d much rather let these guys do the talking. We serve clients big and small all across Southern California who have incredible stories to tell about their experience with Slo-Mo Booth. We hope to see your name on the list below soon.

    This was hands down the BEST purchase for my wedding. Pepe and his team were fantastic and made we relaxed and excited during the entire process.

    Myles S.

      Pepe and his team are AWESOME! Our company does a big Christmas every year and this year we changed it up and used Pepe and his Slo-Mo Booth. What a hit!!!

      Danielle C.

        I was so lucky to find Pepe for our company holiday party! The overall experience was absolutely amazing; he was very professional.

        Amanda E.

          I was so fortunate to book Pepe for my wedding!! He was so patient and accommodating with us. The slo mo booth was the biggest hit at our wedding! Our guests had such a blast!!

          Emily B.

          The Samples

          Lights, camera, (fr)action of the speed! Slow down your big event with California’s favorite slow-motion photo booth service. Ready to peek behind the curtain at some of the most side-splitting moments we’ve captured? Check out our clients’ most cinematic moments below. We can’t wait to do the same for you.

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          The search for top-shelf entertainment for your next party stops here. If you’re hungry for more than a traditional photobooth that bores guests into oblivion, think bigger. Think slower. Think Slo-Mo Booth!

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