What Sets Slo-Mo Booth Apart?

Slo-Mo Booth is an unmatched SUPER slow-motion film booth. With our state-of-the-art production setups, lighting gear, visual effects and camera equipment engineered to capture up to 40 times more frames than any other camera and – coupled with our complete attention to detail and cinematic set design – we deliver slo-mo video booth services you won’t find anywhere else. We boldly take the blank canvas of a bland interior location and give it the energy it needs to burst into life, transporting you and your guests into an EPIC alternative universe.

Essentially (Geekly speaking), if you were to slow down regular footage shot at 24 frames a second, you’d get little more than a blurry, jumpy, jagged montage. But when you mix cinematic lighting, visual effects, top-notch film cameras and carefully-crafted set design with life slowed down to an impressive 1000 frames per second, you capture every single movement of the action in breath-taking fashion. And that’s what makes Slo-Mo Booth so special. For events in California, Slo-Mo Booth offers top-of-the-line entertainment that drops the allure of Hollywood at your doorstep.

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